Wirefigma—FREE wireframe kit

Design web and mobile applications faster and focus on what really matters—your ideas.

Design system behind the scenes


-Color styles

-Component variants

Use in FigJam

Share library—

In Figma,

open Wirefigma and press

ALT + 3

, then press


to publish the library.

Add library

—In FigJam, press

CMD/CTRL + Option + O

to get straight to shared libraries. (Or on the bottom bar click


, select


and then



Then click

+ Add your own

and select Wirefigma shared library to add it. Next, select Wirefigma library to turn it on in your document.)

Add component



to open the search then select the Wirefigma to open the library. Choose any component to be added on the whiteboard.

Swap component

—Select the component, click the diamond icon and choose any variant.

Get Wirefigma PRO with *all components and props


Accordion (*Size, Expanded, *Disabled)

Avatar (*Size, *Inverse)

Breadcrumb (Active, Icon)

Button (Type, *Size, Disabled, Icon leading, Icon trailing)

Button group (*Size, Active, Icon leading, Icon trailing)

Button icon (Type, *Size, Disabled)

Button split (Type, *Size, Disabled)

Card (Horizontal, Card—Image, *Padding, Title, Text, CTA)

Checkbox (Checked, Indeterminate, Disabled, *Label)

Date picker (*Size, *Focus, Disabled, *Label, *Calendar)

Dialog (*Close, *Button left, *Button center, *Button right)

Dropdown (*Extra items, Icon leading, Icon trailing, Disabled)

Icon (*Size, *Symbol)

Image (*Custom)

Image carousel (*Pagination)

*Link (Icon leading, Icon trailing)

Logo (*Inverse)

*Loader (Size, Completion)

Media map

Media player

*Navigation top iOS (Button left, Top title, Button right, Large title, Search)

*Navigation top Android (Type, Button left, Top title, Button right)

Navigation bottom (Active, Bottom direction, *Icon, Label)

Notification (Icon, Button, *Close)

Pagination (*Active, Disabled)

Radio button (On, Disabled, Label)

Rating (*0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Select (*Size, *Focused, Disabled, Label, *Text)

Slider (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, *Disabled)

*Table (Size, Extra rows)

Tabs (Active, Top marker)

Tag (*Size




Icon leading, Icon trailing)

Text area (*Size, *Focused, Disabled, Label, *Text)

Text input (*Size, *Focused, Disabled, Label, *Icon leading, *Text, *Icon trailing)

Toggle (*Size, On, Disabled, Label)

Tooltip (Top, Bottom, Right, Left, *Wrap)


Sticky note



Device phone (*Status bar, *Keyboard)

Device tablet (*Status bar, *Keyboard)

Device desktop (*Browser bar)



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